Goat Milk Soap from Hidden Brook Farm

Made in the Missouri Ozarks


 We are working on taking care of some technical issues with the 'Soap Shop' .  We hope to have that page back up and running smoothly again.  We appreciate your patience.



A big thank you to all who use and have encouraged others try our products.  We are here because of your loyalty and we truly appreciate it.


We added a new category in our 'Soap Shop' called Sweet Dreams - Baby Inspired .   Baby Balm is our newest product preservative free and ready to ship.  


Belly Lotion (inspired by our expecting mothers), a penetrating lotion that will aid in keep elasticity of the skin.  Loaded with Argan and Evening Primrose Oils, which will also nourish and promote the healing of damage skin.    Wonderful facial lotion too.     Find it in our 'Premium Lotion' section. 


New and favorite scents have been added;   Triple Play is back containing oatmeal, red clay, and Dead Sea Mud is back and ready to ship as is our Refreshing Rosemary soap.

We acquired a very nice fragrance dupe of Estee Lauder's Youth Dew.  Get it in soap and/or lotion. 


Keep those tootsies looking their best with Bare Footin' lotion, this lotion penetrates the driest of feet. If you've given up on finding one that works....give this one a try.



Whatever your skin type - you will love our soap.  Gentle for sensitive skin, moisturizing for dry and/or mature skin, and beneficial for those with skin problems. Our soap is non drying, formulated to help keep you moisturized.


Our premium lotions absorb readily into your skin helping to soften, soothe, and moisturize even the most difficult dry, scaly skin. 

Why are lotions considered premium? 

We use oils that are wonderful for your skin -argan, evening primrose, shea butter, avocado- to name a few.


Our preservative is Paraben & Formaldehyde Free.


Dead Sea Mud products are now available.  We've added some botanicals for a little extra TLC in our facial mask - it doesn't just exfoliate, but also helps to minimize pores.  Our facial mask will give you softer, healthier looking skin that can easily be maintain by adding this facial as a weekly routine.  


Soft Supple Skin Begins With Our Soap

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Winter, spring, summer, fall, each wonderful season undermines our skin to some extent, aging our skin prematurely.  Your first line of defense to help keep skin soft and supple is the soap you use.


Our goat milk soap, from Hidden Brook Farm, will pamper and protect your skin from head to toe.  Our goat milk soap will help soften, nourish, and moisturize your skin before you step out of the shower. Our goat milk soap will have you looking and feeling better from the very first time you shower.


How can we make these claims?  Here are the facts-


  1. Goat milk contains proteins, minerals, vitamins, lipids, and alpha-hydroxy acids.
  2. Goat milk naturally lowers the pH of soap, putting it in the same pH range as your skin.
  3. We blend a variety high-grade, skin nourishing oils that contain excellent conditioning, and moisturizing properties.
  4. High percentage of glycerin in our soap leaves behind a working layer that draws and holds needed moisture to your skin.
  5. We use the maximum amount of goat milk possible in our formulas-creating a finished product that contains 25-30% of concentrated skin nourishing goodness.


Spend a little money upfront and you will save money by not having to use large quantities of expensive lotions; and our soap will not melt away as fast as most commercial soaps. Most importantly our goat milk soap is designed to help keep your skin looking and feeling its best.    


More facts about Hidden Brook Farm Goat Milk Soaps-

1        We raise and milk the goats that provide the goat milk for our products.

2        We know there are no antibiotics added.

3        We know the health of our animals.

4        We know the freshness of our goat milk.

5        We do not use powdered goat milk.

6        We do not use just a little bit of goat milk so we can call it goat milk soap.

7        We use the maximum amount of goat milk possible in the formula to insure you are getting a bar of soap packed with as much goodness as possible.  










  changing the way America Feels

one bar at a time      



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